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Recent winners of the Banking project:

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The Following newspaper article was published in the Mahurangi Matters on the 5th November 2014.

Class Bank Mahurangi Matters 05.11.2014

and here is another article published in the Kaipara Lifestyler November 18th 2014

2014Kaipara Lifestyler bank article

If you would like access to this wonderful e-learning resource to teach financial literacy here are the details…


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The Following newspaper article was published in the Rodney Times on the 28th June 2012.


“Good Morning,  I have just read the article in the Rodney Times about your Banking programme and would like to say how much I admire what you are doing.  I believe that financial management is the key to setting people up for life and giving them “freedom” in so many ways and I just love the way you are teaching your children how to manage this. We see such sad cases in the bank and mostly it is because people have never been taught these skills. What a wonderful idea to pay them a wage and charge them for their resources. Congratulations on a wonderful program and all the effort you obviously put into it I am sure your pupils will be grateful to you for the whole of their lives.

Kind Regards, Aileen Heron
ASB Rural Account Manager

The First Steps of Starting a Class Bank are:


“A very worthwhile module of education Mark! Our children at Fujairah Private Academy still remember your lessons in financial education very well. Regards, Rob Kent ( Head teacher -Primary)”

Watch this video to learn about why it is important for children to develop early financial saving habits. Thanks to TVNZ for use of this video.

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NEW IN 2013- ONLINE Banking!! My Class Online Banking site

You too could create something similar…. free websites are available at

The above video is from Seven Sharp (a programme owned by TVNZ). It is from March 2013 and discusses financial literacy and children as well as schools approach to it. My class bank resource is a great way to teach the skills of money, financial literacy and banking in a real-life context. Watch and be informed.


positive bank comment

So what do the children think?


And what do the Parents think?



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The above banknotes were designed by my 2013 Year 4 students for the W.S Bank of 2013.

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